Custodian/Janitor – Part Time

You can Download the Job Application  and either mail it in (609 Taylor St., Port Townsend) or bring it in during office hours (Mon-Wed, 9am-noon).

Experienced Custodian needed at Port Townsend United Methodist Church.

Primary Duties:
Clean the church building and replenish supplies to meet needs of ongoing scheduled events and other events as defined in a weekly check list. Manage trash and recycling.

Secondary Duties:
Check inventory of custodial supplies and communicate supply needs. Check church calendar or with Office Manager for special events related to cleaning schedule.

Attention to detail. Willingness to read, understand and work with custodial checklist; agree with work hours arranged for with supervisors; work cooperatively with supervisor(s). Have initiative and see what needs to be done within the general task assignment area. Able to work independently. Must be honest, trustworthy, and able to pass a background check (paid for by employer).

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to walk, stand for 2 hours. Must be able to lift up to 45 lbs. Must be able to lift equipment up and down stairs.

The custodian is under the direct supervision of the Pastor. Additional time, days off, work time must be cleared with the pastor. Evaluation is the responsibility of the Staff Parish Committee with input from the pastor and relevant others.

Hours per week:
5-10 hours per week with additional time approved by the Pastor.

Hourly employee with sick leave, as per Washington State regulations.

$15.00 per hour, paid monthly

Description of duties:

  1. Clean floors, vacuum, sweep and mop throughout building. Move tables and chairs as needed.
  2. Clean bathrooms, kitchen and coffee bar surfaces according to cleaning and sanitizing protocols.
  3. Dust and clean surfaces regularly as needed or specified by the checklist.
  4. Each regularly scheduled work day, empty trash containers, check hand-washing supplies, toilet paper and paper towels to ensure they will not run out during church service or other scheduled events.
  5. Collect and set out trash each Wednesday by 8:30 am. Collect and set out paper, garden refuse and other recyclables on recycling Wednesdays.
  6. Check the inventory of cleaning, paper and other supplies and communicate needs to the office or on a list as appropriate.
  7. Perform light maintenance which includes replacing light bulbs, tightening loose screws, using WD-40 to take care of squeaks and writing up items that need repair or attention.
  8. Perform special tasks as identified by the weekly checklist. May take down or set up chairs, tables or move equipment. May also, as time permits, mow lawn, trim, wash windows, and special deep cleaning projects or other tasks as assigned. Plan accordingly.
  9. Check entire church on Saturday with special attention after a weekday event.


Position open until filled.