We have contracted with Vanco Services to receive donations on-line. Donations are processed through Vanco’s secure website. You have several options to choose from: one time, weekly, monthly, or recurring.




More Information

Vanco is approved by the General Committee on Finance and Administration of the United Methodist Church and is in use by over 10,000 churches nationwide. They are a secure site and PCI compliant. None of your banking or credit card information is passed onto the church. Their fees are very reasonable. There is a onetime 50 cent set up fee for each bank account or credit card and 25 cents per bank transaction or 45 cents per credit card transaction. These come out of the donation. They are not added onto the donation. On credit card transactions there is also a 2.75% (less than 3 cents per dollar) charge which the donor has the option of adding to their donation. That only happens if you specifically ask to cover that one fee.